Payroll in Dubai (UAE)

As one of the most prosperous cities for business expansion into the Middle East, Dubai's strong economy is rich with incredible opportunity!

Don't worry, we're here to ensure that your move into new territories remains compliant and streamlined so you can direct your focus on growing your business!

Difference in Dubai

Did you know that the typical work week in Dubai starts on Sunday and closes up on Thursday?

Did you know that almost 90% of the population in the UAE are expats - and a majority of them live in Dubai?

Dubai's lack of income tax for companies and individuals doesn't reduce the importance of monitoring and adjusting to local compliance requirements!

We handle it all:

  • Accrual Reports

  • Multi-currency payments

  • EOSB Calculations

  • Salary Information File production

  • Full service payroll and local compliance requirements

  • Salary Transfer Letter submissions

  • Travel expense reporting

Compliance in the Middle East

Our full-scale payroll solution is enabled to handle all compliance requirements of processing payroll in the Middle East

Did you know that almost 90% of the population in the UAE are expats - and a majority of them live in Dubai?

​Where do you do business?

  • Abu Dhabi

  • Afghanistan

  • Ajman

  • Dubai

  • Fujairah

  • Ras Al Khaimah

  • Sharjah

  • Umm Al Quwain

UAE Payroll

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Salary Information File (.SIF)

What is a Salary Information File?


The UAE Ministry of Labour requires companies to use the SIF to upload payroll through the WPS to distribute salaries to employees.

Our robust payroll software collects all the necessary information and builds your custom Salary Information File right in the system!

What information is contained in a .SIF?

  • Each Employee will have an Employee Detail Record (EDR)

  • Each SIF will only have one Salary Control Record (SCR)

  • Each company trade license will have its own SIF linked to the employees on the MOL list for that Trade License

  • Every on-shore employee has a MOL Code or Personal ID which is used by the Central Bank to identify if an employee is being paid

  • Every SIF will have a Routing Code which is the Ban or Exchange House that is responsible for processing the payroll.

    • The SIF will also include the currency in which each employee will be paid

  • Each SIF will have a specific date range associated for the pay period for the employees and the month the employer is making the payment

  • The SIF will include the final total for every employee which includes all the payroll details (variable, additions, deletions).

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