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Enterprise Level HR and Payroll with Prime ERP Integration

Wouldn't it be great if your Human Resource and Payroll solution understood Government Contractors?

We thought so too.

Feature Rich Payroll & Human Resources

Now you can get the BEST OF BREED International Payroll and Human Resource functionality with seamless ERP with Prime ERP

In the complicated structure of government contracting, we decided it was time to change up the way things work.  Instead of simply offering a baseline application for payroll and HR needs are completely satisfied with the enterprise-level solutions offered through Humanic.



your Business

Improve your productivity all within a single, fully integrated solution

We integrate to empower your business with an efficient, compliant, and fully versatile Enterprise level payroll and HR solution.


All of your employees can view and share accurate data in real time, leading to greater collaboration among departments and increased productivity across your business.


Enterprise Level Payroll

& HR with Prime ERP Integration

Effortless Payroll Labor Processing

Labor batch visibility within the Payroll

Seamless Single Source of Labor & Earnings

Simply recalculate to process corrected timesheets

Automatic "Job Aware" General Ledger posting

DCAA Project Optimized HR

Best Practices Configuration for Prime ERP Configuration

NIST 8071 Certified

Prime ERP Workflow

Single-source of entry in all Prime Modules

Workflow Smart Employee Management

Automated Health & Welfare Processing

Flexible H&W rules Payroll processing

Benefit Offset rules for H&W payments

Cash Payout or Increased Benefit Calculations

Insufficient Earnings rules