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Pay your Employees Abroad

Swift Market entry with full local compliance!

Whether your team is made up of American Expats or Local Nationals - timely, accurate, uninterrupted payroll is the simplest way to uphold the morale of your international employees!  Our Software are Services Solutions have you covered!

  • Gross-up calculation automation

  • Expatriate Tax Levelization

  • Shadow Payroll Calculations

  • Compliance Monitoring

  • Fully multicurrency enabled

  • International Payment management

  • Automated Foreign Tax Credit Calculations

  • Section 911 Withholding Calculations and Stacking Rules

  • Third Country Nationals payroll processing

Tandem Strategies to fit your needs

  • Local Payroll set-up

  • Timely, secured & detailed reporting

  • Movement of funds for salaries & tax remittances

  • Continuous monitoring of tax regulation in host-countries

  • Local payroll calculations

Payroll Software with Int'l Foundations

Hiring Internationally

Our payroll software was built on a foundation of multi-currency calculations - not as an add-on!

Humanic's comprehensive system allows our clients complete peace of mind and the ability to view their entire workforce on one simplified dashboard!

Global Payroll Services Worldwide

Looking for legal entity set-up?  PEO Services? Additional foreign registrations?  Not sure what you need?  We're here to help get you answers FAST!

Tax authority requirements country-to-country vary - Humanic assures a streamline process to not only eliminate the concern of fines and late fees, but to make sure your international employees are taken care of.  Accurate, timely and compliant payroll is the foundation of building confidence among your team!

We offer 100% local compliance ensuring your company abides by local legislation at all times.  Our global payroll experts will guide you through the options available and provide the best route for market entry.

In-House or full outsource, the choice is yours!

Humanic will work in tandem with your in-house payroll team or HR department, as a single point-of-contact across our worldwide network to standardize your global payroll process!