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 👋 Meet Lindsey Karkos!

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Thanks for stopping by!  Here's the skinny on me:


Greetings and Salutations!

Thank you for taking the time to virtually meet me and learn a little more about our Payroll Software and Services offerings.

🔊 Check out the intro-video below (2:00) and I'll walk you through the basics about what we do for companies like yours, so YOU can quickly determine if Humanic's offerings would be a good fit for your company goals.

Client Alignment over Volume

Something I love about working for Humanic, is there is so much enthusiasm and pride in the solutions we build, and we apply careful strategy to our sales process as well so we don't have to be annoying in your inbox with templated and impersonal outreach.


We're not here to waste time, we're here to connect with the right people, to help solve their payroll problems - that's it.

I am a customer-built marketer first, meaning that I learn from our client-base to determine our true strengths and weaknesses.  If I pitch it, you can rest assured that I've tested it, asked clients about it, and determined that it is true-to-value.


My pitch isn't manufactured or scripted - no one has TOLD me what to say - I've instead decided to take what I've learned and make it my goal to spread the word to companies who could use our help; if not now, when the time is right for them.

😉 I'm not desperate to close deals, my leadership takes care of our team, and my needs are met.  So please know that my outreach is authentic and my initial research has marked your company as being a good fit for our solution and I'd like to help answer any questions when the time is right.

If you feel your company is not a good size or fit, please let me know and I will make a note of it!  Thank you!

Oh - hello!
You've made it to the bonus material.

Blank Scratchbook

Character Sheet: Lindsey Karkos

LK_DND Reimagined_edited.jpg

Class:  Marketing and Sales Maven

Level: 30-something

Background:  Creative, Curious, and loves to learn.

Personality Traits:

  • Adaptable and Versatile

  • Enthusiastic and Friendly

  • Curious and Creative

  • Driven and Goal-Oriented

  • Always Eager to help!


In the realm of Sales and Marketing, I'm on a never-ending quest to build real connections with others, and help them achieve their own professional endeavors.

My pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds, and my hobbies, from weightlifting to capturing precious moments through a camera lense, reflect my love for both discipline and creativity.

Let's embark on this journey together to create a payroll solution that will enchant your office and help you prepare for the next level of your continued success!



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