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Expert Payroll Services

Outsourcing payroll operations can provide your company with a valuable alternative to managing your payroll internally

Relieve your employees of their valuable hours spent calculating payroll, identifying tax responsibilities, preparing check and providing management reports.

Our Humanic professionals go above and beyond the task of handling payroll services - we're a team of problem-solvers who are committed to ensuring accuracy throughout the year so you can focus on your next business opportunities!




Accuracy is our number one priority.

We consistently monitor your employee payroll and tax laws and ensure that your team is being paid correctly paycheck to paycheck.


We've got you covered.


Simply reach out to our professionals, provide us the hours, deductions and salary amounts of your staff and we'll process the rest!


The painstaking task of remaining compliant is just another day at work for us!

Our payroll services team handles the complexities of remaining up-to-date on your employees' state and federal obligations, saving you on attorney's fees and providing relief in leaving this task to our trusted experts.


Why not access a little peace of mind?

Our Payroll services team will handle it all for you so you can get back to taking advantage of your next big opportunity!

Employee retirement plans and direct deposits, Reconciliations, Annual Wage and Tax Reports, Federal & State reporting, filing and constant monitoring of your payroll.


Many Business Owners find themselves taking on a lot of additional tasks in an attempt to elevate their business.

Independently processing their team's payroll is no exception.

(but it really should be)

Doing your own Payroll?

Are you actually Saving Money?

Consider the true cost of your time.

Stop missing out on opportunities and leave the stress and payroll to us!

We handle it all:

Did you know that even ONE missed payment or report can result in fines and penalties amounting to the cost of a full year of payroll outsourcing?

  • Monitoring and keeping of payroll records - forms and consents

  • Creating paychecks reflecting accurate pay, withholding and deductions​​

  • Distributing paychecks to your team

  • Calculating annual wage and tax reports (W-2 and 1099)

  • Submitting payroll tax reports - like Form 941 and payment to the IRS and States.

  • Reporting and paying unemployment taxes

  • Sending out additional payments for other deductions

    • health or pension plans​

    • wage garnishments

    • non-employees

Cost Effective

Outsourcing your payroll allows your team the capacity focus on core competencies of their roles, while our professionals handle the payroll and associated legal details.

Outsourcing is an affordable alternative to hiring a salaried position - and we don't take PTO!  Our services are available to you all year long without interruption.

Time Saving

Humanic's Payroll services eliminates the burden of managing your payroll system!


No more data entry, no more updating, customizing and worrying over new laws and legislation - Our professionals work FOR you and WITH you!

Worry-Free payroll tax filing

Federal, State, and local Payroll tax Laws are frequently updated, adjusted and omitted.


Minimize the risks of tax filing by leaving it to our Payroll Professionals!

Custom Payroll Reporting

The details and ever-changing landscape of Payroll & Tax Processing create challenging obstacles and countless hours are spent learning and relearning to identify the right route.


Why not leave it to the professionals?

  • Unemployment Claims

  • Worker's Compensations Audits

  • Social Security Audits

  • Child Support Audits

  • 1099, 1096, W-2 and W-3 Processing

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