Benefits Administration & Open Enrollment

This module can be adapted to match the benefits you offer your employees. From global offerings to plans with eligibility and cost requirements, our benefits engine can manage your plans from one centralized location. Automated links between the Humanic system and your benefit providers reduce errors and paperwork. And you can track everything from employer paid life insurance to 401(k) plans to optional benefits, such as United Way.

Employees can complete Open Enrollment and New Hire Enrollment using Humanic’s employee self-service (ESS) web portal. This easy-to-use portal includes everything from a default enrollment option to a worksheet allowing employees to work through their desired changes—all without leaving their home. We calculate all employee and employer premiums and take accurate deductions from paychecks.

Benefits of the Humanic approach include:

Increased Accuracy

  • Employees can only enroll in plans they’re eligible for.
  • Single source for employer/employee cost shared with payroll.
  • Automated file transfer to benefit providers.
  • Taxation calculations.
  • Strong rules engine for all your plans.

Open Enrollment

  • New Hire Enrollment period.
  • Annual Open Enrollment via ESS.
  • Life Events via ESS.


  • Standard and ad hoc reporting options.
  • Offers advantages during budgeting process.
  • Assists in balancing billing statements.
  • Point-in-time with terminated plans.