Time & Attendance

The Humanic Time and Attendance solution streamlines time reporting and approval processes. And, because it’s fully integrated with Humanic HRMS and Humanic Payroll, it can feed your payroll system directly, greatly reducing or eliminating the paperwork associated with time tracking.

Time and Attendance is an optional module. It was designed to combine ease of use with the power of an integrated business tool. As with other Humanic solutions, it is available on demand.

Enables Employees To:

  • Request time off and check approval status.
  • Note upcoming work schedule changes.
  • Note others with approved scheduled time off.
  • Easily report exception time worked by annotating scheduled time from virtually anywhere, at anytime using an Internet connection and a Web browser.
  • Use a traditional electronic timecard or a punch-in-and-out approach.

Enables Managers To:

  • Assign employees to standard work schedules.
  • Assign exception override schedules for employees.
  • Monitor actual time and attendance and absenteeism to scheduled work hours.
  • Approve or reject requested time off.
  • Approve or reject pay sheets for each pay period and adjust if authorized.

Enables Payroll Managers To:

  • Get timesheets in faster and easier.
  • Move data into Humanic Payroll with the click of a mouse.
  • Eliminate additional spreadsheets.