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Enterprise-level Payroll Software

& World Class Services

Our US Payroll solution blends world-class service with unbeatable software that can handle your most complex US payroll needs.

We have you covered with our cloud-based payroll software and services.


United States Payroll

Multistate payroll with dual-state employees?

No sweat!  Our team of payroll professionals has created a streamlined experience, providing you with flexibility and control over payroll management processes with real-time access to accurate and up-to-date information!

Struggling to manage a large volume of Wage Garnishment Orders?

Our sophisticated payroll calculation process automatically applies Federal and State laws to accurately determine the correct deduction based on the employee’s disposable earnings.

Formula-based payroll Calculations rules?

Employer-specific, user-defined formulas can be set up to automate your most complex pay, deduction and employer cost scenarios.

complicated payroll challenges

Identify & correct unseen hazards BEFORE they happen!

Your Humanic Dashboard alerts you to commonly missed issues like incomplete new-hire forms, changes to employee taxing, benefit and pay changes and other changes within your organization.

Payroll Services

No-Stress Tax Filing

Tax filing is part of taking care of your employees - However, it adds a weight to your ever-expanding to-do list. 
Let Humanic's accountants take care of this back-office task while you concentrate on growing your business!   
We're committed to accurately and promptly file your Federal, State and Local Employment Taxes.

Jurisdiction Management

Our team will monitor where your employees live and work, making all necessary Jurisdictional changes including tax account registration and termination.

Reconciliations of all Data

Each pay period, your payroll needs to perfectly balance with the payroll expense account in your general ledger in order to streamline your tax filings and to accurately navigate your financial health.  Our expert accountants ensure maintenance of this accuracy through regular reconciliations of all payroll data. 

W-2 Processing

Our accounting team will manage your employees' earnings and payroll tax information from the previous year to accurately and compliantly process and file forms W-2.

ACA Compliance

Wave goodbye to the overwhelming  and everchanging world of the Affordable Care Act - our services will provide assurance that you stay in compliance year after year.

New Hire

Let Humanic handle New Hire Reporting duties to designated state agencies so that you can focus on welcoming and quickly integrating new employees to your team!

Check Printing

Payroll will process, print and ensure timely delivery and accuracy of your checks.

Direct Deposit

Our Payroll services team handles setting up direct deposit of funds electronically into employee bank accounts, ensuring accuracy and punctuality!


We will  set up and maintain all employee wage garnishments.

Outsource Payroll

We offer fully outsourced payroll services to businesses tired of spending vast amounts of time fighting the ever-changing challenges of calculating employee pay, paid time off, benefits, taxes and withholdings.

The choice is yours - choose to let Humanic fully manage your payroll or choose just the services that best fit your payroll model.

HR Software

Whether you have an existing HR system in place or are needing to implement a new system, we're here to help!

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