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Enterprise-level Payroll Software
& World Class Services

Our US Payroll solution blends world-class service with unbeatable software that can handle your most complex US payroll needs.

We have you covered with our cloud-based payroll software and services.

complicated payroll challenges

Are your payroll operations getting more and more complicated?

Are you having to rely on work arounds to maintain functionality within your current payroll solution?

You are not alone!

Every day we help companies just like you.
Humanic takes pride in our client-centric approach by building custom solutions that allow for both flexibility and unmatched agility so our clients can quickly pivot to meet the demands of the ever-changing payroll landscape of today; while proactively preparing for growth and shifts in their company needs of tomorrow.

Multi-state? Multi-currency?
Multi-over it?

(consider it handled)

HR Software

Whether you have an existing HR system in place or are needing to implement a new system, we're here to help!

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