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Annette Messler,

Vice President & CFO of Global Operations

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With a career spanning three decades, two of which were dedicated to International Payroll and Accounting, Annette has an intimate knowledge of Accounting and Human Resources.


The veteran CFO and her team of experts are well versed in aiding companies in their Global complexities, from running compliant payroll for international employees and Expatriates, to seamlessly expanding their business into new territories.


Finding the right-sized fit for her clients is the driving force behind all that Annette does – she never backs down from finding a perfectly tailored fit to any problem her clients face. This energy brings a fierce edge to the expertise and quality service behind Humanic, Inc.

Bradley Toland,

 President & Chief Technical Officer

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Bradley brought his over twenty years of experience in developing innovative payroll processing software to tackle the challenge of developing a best in class International Payroll Software Solution. By foreseeing the challenges wrought by technology and regulation, he has mounted a targeted approach to seize the opportunity found in these upheavals.


With the internet and cloud-based computing creating a bridge for even smaller businesses to become global entities, Bradley has developed scalable tools that can solve the International Payroll Complexities that even large companies face.


Bradley and his team of programmers relish the challenge of continually solving every new complexity a client will face. This drive is what runs our cutting-edge software.

Chrissy Ucciferri,

Director of Global Payroll Operations

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(Bio coming SOON)

Coming together to tailor custom solutions

Since 2007, Annette and Bradley have worked together serving mutual customers' international payroll needs.


In late 2013, Bradley and Annette saw an unsatisfied demand among global business owners for an a la carte system tailored to the specific payroll needs of their company; a unique solution that would grow and adapt alongside their business.


With Annette’s knowledge of accounting and solving payroll and payroll tax issues and Bradley’s expansive payroll software expertise, the two came together to solve this problem and Fiducia Global Solutions was born.


Through Humanic, business owners can build out customized solutions to best meet their needs – no matter their stage. The team of experts at Humanic has years of experience helping its clients domestically as well as internationally – including those expanding into multiple countries!

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