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2022 and your Remote Readiness!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

72% of employers said that their access to telework has had a large impact on employee retention.

Over 70% of employees report that the ability to telecommute will be somewhat to extremely important in selecting their next job.

With that being said – what is your organization’s long-term remote work strategy looking like?

During the early periods of global remote work mandates and restrictions, companies were forced to design a plan to keep their organizations above water with the quick adoption of various telecommunication and collaborative technologies. This action alone removed much of the restrictions that existed for many companies prior to these (forced) upgrades to their digital infrastructure.

Most companies built these frameworks as a temporary measure, even as many begin to permanently embrace flexible and remote adaptations to their original operational requirements. According to a study by PWC, 1 in 3 executives say their plan for 2021 was to “go with the flow”; but that same mindset shouldn’t follow companies into 2022 and beyond.

What many are overlooking is the advantage in intentionally strategizing your company’s infrastructure to effectively support long-term remote teams.

In the 2013 book "Remote", Jason Fried and David Hansson wrote: "Great talent is everywhere, and not everyone wants to move to San Francisco," on the benefits to remote work - and that was nearly a decade ago! Regardless of when this ideology was put to print, the concept of a nearly limitless talent pool holds much promise for the companies of this new era of remote work.

Optimizing your mobile workforce

Companies should reevaluate their systems in place to look for areas that could be improved.

  • Meeting / video platforms – These tools for hosting video are one area many companies have or are currently beginning to narrow down to one dedicated meeting tool.

  • Scheduling tools – Scheduling tools are important to help support a set schedule for your team to manage responsibilities both inside and outside of the office – many remote workers have admitted to starting work early and leaving work late; help them to clearly define their committed workday.

  • Collaboration tools – Many meeting platforms have built-in collaboration tools or integrations with existing tools; determine what your selected meeting platform includes and see what tools would be useful for effective collaboration among your teams.

  • Cybersecurity expanding your workforce remote requires an increase in the amount of telework that will be exported and imported to and from your company. Investing in a strong cybersecurity solution is important. Ensure that networks are secure and proactive against any threats. According to a report by HP, cyber attacks since the pandemic began have increased by 238%.

  • Outdated Solutions and Streamlining Processes – Be intentional as you review your full-scale of operations. Look for areas that could be further optimized by either consolidating solutions or investing in forward-minded options.

How Agile are your Payroll Operations?

Strategizing your payroll operations remains an opportunity that many companies have yet to begin unpacking. The ability to effectively and compliantly pay your remote teams allows you to not only pay your current teams compliantly, but enabling your organization to add more remote work enabled positions to your payroll as you hire.

Humanic's payroll solutions feature an agile approach to payroll operations, tailoring custom solutions built to scale alongside your business as you grow.

When you find your dream-hire, you don't want to stagger in your ability to run their first paycheck, or pay them incorrectly, or inconsistently. The Workforce Institute at Kronos Inc reported that 49% of American workers will start a new job search after experiencing only TWO problems with their paychecks.

Remote work has become the "new norm" that many companies are embracing, but often without intentional drive to strategize even their core business structures to appropriately support an influx of remote positions.

Is your payroll remote ready?

Join us, Wednesday, March 30th, 2022 for an in depth discussion around the challenges and opportunities hidden around your mobile workforce – no matter where in the world they’re working!

We’ll discuss the legislative and tax agency Reponses to relevant changes as well as:

  • Remote work types and varying complexities

  • Risks and opportunities

  • Strategic Planning

  • Compliance Obligations and Effective Management

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how to effectively set your business ahead of the crowd in this new era of workforce mobilization! >> Save your Seat Today! <<

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