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All about National Payroll Week 2022

Who doesn't love payday?

Payroll plays an important role in the lives of Americans and members of the workforce worldwide! Yet, companies tend to overlook the importance of assuring that payroll is timely, accurate and compliant each and every payroll - it's not just about getting it DONE - it's about getting it done RIGHT!

Many people depend on their employers to deliver their paychecks on time and suffer if wages do not accurately reflect their time worked. Which brings us to the stars this week (and lets be honest - every week!):

National Payroll Week (NPW) was founded in 1996 by the American Payroll Association (APA) and is observed the first full week of September, coinciding with Labor Day, each year to celebrate and honor the people behind your payroll and the work they put in each day to ensure that employee paychecks arrive on-time with every (literal) penny (literally) accounted for!

The American Payroll Association helps pull this event together by determining the theme each year and by coming up with novel ideas on how to appropriately celebrate NPW.

If you want to learn more and access official NPW resources, please visit the APA NPW 2022 page:

This year's theme is: "Payroll - Building Blocks of America"

Our team has come up with a small board of ideas for office decoration, gift ideas and more here:

Thank you to our teams for making payroll a pleasant experience that we can depend on!

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