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Humanic Reporting:
True Business Intelligence

It's no longer enough for HR to simply manage administrative issues - that's why Humanic enables your Human Resources and Payroll processes to become strategic Advantages for you and your company.

Decrease IT Support Demands

Enable users to access information without Technical assistance

Modern Office

Our reporting tools allow you to easily tailor one of our many standard reports or utilize wizards to produce new and shareable reports.

Adaptive & Easy-to-use:   The reporting system can be used out of the box, or modified to suit your needs.  Our systems assist you in successfully passing Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs Audits or any Department of Labor review.

AccessibilityHumanic is available on demand, anytime, anywhere, with any web browser!  No need to reach out to IT to access your most recent and essential employee data.


Turn your HR into a Strategic Tool

A workforce management system that aligns people, processes and technologies around shared goals.

Humanic business intelligence reporting tools save time on strategic decision-making.  The result:  a unified workforce focused on achieving common objectives.


Reporting Features

  • Built-in intuitive and powerful ad hoc reporting tools allow you to create and publish presentation-quality reports and deliver them over the web.

  • Pre-established user views make it easy to create reports and enable any user, regardless of database knowledge, to generate concise and informative reports.

  • Advanced data security allows you to push out HR reports to decision makers via the MSS portal while filtering the view to show each manager only the information they are authorized to see.

  • Effectively report on historical information at a specific point in time.

  • Show results in HTML, PDF, spreadsheet, graph, or drill-down formats and share results easily via email.

  • Creates parameters to simplify drill-downs and reuse them in multiple reports.

  • Provides the ability to pass HCM data to other systems or HR business partners.

  • Includes payroll reconciliation reporting.

Your Global Business Payroll, Simplified

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