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Agile Payroll Software Built to Scale

Finally — powerful, scalable functionality to get more done right!


Our software offers full US and International payroll all in one unified system that keeps up with YOU.




In a remote and mobile-capable world, Global Self-Service is no longer an option

— it's a software standard!

Our self-service features allow for your global team to access their payroll information from anywhere in the world, at any time!

With flexible and secure login and self-service options, your team can easily view their payroll information, make changes to their personal details, and even make requests with just a few clicks.

Managers can quickly access the payroll information of their entire team in real-time, no matter where they are in the world.  This means simplified monitoring of employee and payroll data regardless of timezones - all in one location.

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Multi-state?  Multi-challenged?

Consider it handled!

With our cutting-edge software, navigating your multi-(headache) payroll woes is a thing of the past!

Meticulously crafted to ease multi-state payroll intricacies, dual-state reporting dilemmas, and the exciting world of garnishments

Humanic's software isn't just a solution;

it's a precision instrument tailored to untangle the web of challenges that accompany US payroll operations.


With our technology, you can rest assured that every payroll puzzle piece is seamlessly aligned, from state to state.



You don't belong in a box!

(don't settle for "as-is" solutions)

At Humanic, we understand that every organization is unique and has specific needs when it comes to payroll. 


That's why we pride ourselves on building versatility into all we do!

Our software can be tailored to fit your company needs, with custom fields and reporting to configurable workflows and permissions.



Plays well with others!


Our API integration capabilities allow for streamlined and automated data transfer between your beloved systems and Humanic's software, eliminating the need for excessive manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

Our team of experts will work with you to ensure a smooth and successful integration, tailored to your organization's unique needs!


No more data hide-and-seek!

Build customized and consolidated real-time reports with Humanic's specialized Global reporting tools.

  • Consolidated global workforce data.

  • Critical Business Insight.

  • Discover trends across your entire workforce with drill-down reporting.

  • Advantageous visibility across your global workforce.


With Humanic you can access the information you need, when you need it!


Struggling with handling manual gross-up calculations in Excel?


Come experience the ease and accuracy of automation with Humanic!

Our payroll software streamlines the entire process, ensuring that gross-up calculations are complete and that your employees receive the correct net payment, every time!


Our solutions are client-informed and continuously improved, solving even the most complex shadow payroll and hypothetical tax scenarios.

We don't believe the claims of "unsolvable" headaches – let our solutions introduce you to the future of stress-free payroll management.

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UNLIMITED Currencies

Say goodbye to headache inducing currency conversions, and hello to unlimited possibilities with Humanic!

Management of your global team means payrolls can get a little tricky if you're unable to address your employees' multicurrency needs.

No matter if you're paying your team in dollars, Euros, Yen, or even a blend of currencies wired to banks in multiple countries —our software makes currency conversion a breeze!

(and, all in ONE place)

It's time to revolutionize the way you manage your multi-currency payroll with Humanic!


Don't let your Expatriates become an afterthought!

Access Exclusive Expat Automation features for easy check calculations and Reporting!

  • Section 911 Withholding Calculation

  • Shadow Payroll

  • Automated Foreign Tax Credit Calculations

  • Automated Tax Equalization


Humanic features robust Expat Specific Functionality built directly into the system.

US & Global Payroll Software 

It's time to Empower your workforce.

Eliminate Friction with software that can do it all — better.

Local, multi-state, digital nomads, expatriates, international hires — you name it, we can handle it!

With Humanic's enterprise-level payroll software, you can manage all your payroll needs in one place. 

That's right — ONE place.

No more juggling different systems, no more headaches just simplified payroll management for your global empire.

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Flexible, Automated Communication.

Reduce manual processes —

A true gift to your finance team!

Drive business growth and do away with needless stress by reducing manual tasks, tedious spreadsheets, and frustrating accounting errors.

Standard API Integration.
High-touch Support.

With our comprehensive payroll solution, we'll ensure your system properly communicates with any Integration you may require.

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Integration with your current ERP, HR, and Accounting systems

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Syncs your payroll data in real time

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Support to keep your integrations flowing smoothly and efficiently

Acumatica Humanic

Access true business intelligence with Aggregated Reporting

It's no longer enough to simply run reports.

Uncover strategic insights and trends within your global workforce.

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Intuitive ad hoc reporting; presentation-ready quality!

bullet point_Website_2023.png

Build user-specific dashboards for quick insights

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Simplify drilldowns with pre-determined parameters to organize priority data

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Securely push reports to decision makers within Manager Self Serve portal

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Payroll reconciliation reporting

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Unified Data = Simplified reporting

Built by Experts, for Experts

Humanic is built upon a foundation of advanced technology and superior accounting knowledge, ensuring that you always have the information you need to make informed decisions about your payroll. 

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