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Pay and Protect your Expats with Humanic

When an employee is put on assignment overseas, they are exposed to a host of critical and complex payroll considerations.


Humanic's payroll solutions are specialized with your expat in mind!

Full-scale Expat Payroll Management

Keep your Expats Happy.

Avoid Tax Violations and Fines.

We'll take it from here!

We believe in providing people-focused payroll that consistently reinforces employee trust and reliability in your organization.

Employee needs while on assignment can easily be overlooked, resulting in a negative international employee experience.

An expat's assignment can quickly become a nightmare with unforeseen surprises like double taxation, increased tax rates, challenges in determining tax status, fulfilling new reporting obligations, and other unforeseen costs.

With our full-scale Expat Payroll Services and Management solutions, you can breathe easy knowing your expats are taken care of and their payroll compliance remains intact!

Expat Features

Section 911 Withholding with Stacking Rules

Our advanced automation is designed to handle the complexities of payroll, including foreign earned income and capturing of special allowances, like housing credits, so that you don't have to.

Paired with our specialized Expat Payroll & Tax Services, you can rest easy knowing that your payroll is accurate and in compliance with all federal and state regulations.

Foreign Earned Income Credit Withholding Adjustment

Our software can automatically calculate and withhold taxes based on the employee's qualifications for the foreign earned income tax credit.


This ensures that your expat's income is protected, and that your company remains compliant while also saving time and reducing the risk of errors. 

Automated Tax Protection Calculations

Humanic offers automated calculations of projected hypothetical and actual taxes for each payroll, ensuring accuracy and compliance with tax regulation requirements. 

Our software also adjusts tax protection payments based on these calculations, making payroll process seamless and worry-free.


Multi-country enabled for easy management

Our software is fully multi-currency, enabling you to process payroll in any currency, anywhere in the world.

From real-time updated conversion rates, to the ability to pay your employees in unlimited currencies, into multiple banks around the world, 

Humanic just does it better.

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