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Reporting Tools

An application is only as good as the information you can get out of it!  Let us help you create everything from comprehensive business intelligence solutions to pixel-perfect reports utilizing the latest Oracle-based Solutions.

Oracle Cloud

Discover the benefits of an autonomous database and the positive impact it will have on your applications, business, and bottom line.

Apex Development

Weather you need to upgrade from existing platforms such as Oracle Forms or build a brand new, modern-looking, responsive web application from scratch - we have the tools and expertise to help you get there faster and on budget!

Learn how Humanic Technical is changing how the world gets paid, with Oracle APEX!


From Mainframes to Oracle Forms and Reports...

In 1998 Humanic made a major technology shift moving our payroll application from a mainframe environment to an Oracle based solution utilizing an Oracle 8 database, Oracle forms and Oracle Reports as our new development platform. When Oracle Discoverer was released, we replaced Cognos with it as our ad-hoc reporting tool to complete a 100% Oracle based solution.


Over the next 20 years the system was updated to each new version of the Oracle Forms/Reports through version 11G to support mid to large size organizations with an enterprise level application.  

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