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Ready to take your workforce global?

Whether you have a few remote hires, or a fully distributed team,

our payroll services simplify your payroll, enabling you to pay your team members state-to-state and across the globe with ease!


In this fast-paced world of business, every moment counts.  That's why more companies are turning to payroll services outsourcing as a strategic advantage.

If you're grappling with the decision to hire a full-time payroll manager, consider this 

Outsourcing your payroll tasks can be the game-changing solution you've been seeking!

Our dedicated payroll professionals become an extension of your team, working diligently behind the scenes to ensure accurate and timely payroll runs, tax filings, and compliant adherence.


This means your business remains compliant and efficient, while your focus freely shifts back to strategic growth and core operations!

We handle everything from Payroll Processing to Taxes to Direct Deposits to setting up new jurisdictions worldwide with a deep commitment to accuracy and promptness.

So, go ahead, make those plans, commit to some new initiatives, and take that vacation you've been dreaming of Humanic's got your back!

Full Tax & Payroll Services Outsource

Ready to take back your time? 


Our payroll services have received AICPA System and Organization Controls (SOC) Level 1 Certification.


Our professional payroll services team swiftly manages a wide range of US and International Tax Services including Full W2 Reporting, Reconciliations, ACA reporting, International Payments, Compliance issues, New Jurisdiction Set-up, and more!

Tax Filing Services

Tax Filing.png



T A X E S   The word alone is enough to send shivers down your spine!


However, as a responsible business owner, you know that filing taxes is just part of the gig. 

But who has time to navigate the labyrinth of setting up jurisdictions and filing compliantly?

  — You have a business to run, afterall!

That's where Humanic's payroll services come in.


Our trusted Humanic accountants will take care of this tedious back-office task, leaving you free to focus on what you do best: growing your business (and maybe sneaking in some well-deserved rest).


Keeping track of where your employees live and work can feel like herding cats — and don't even get us started on the nightmare of navigating differing tax codes and regulations across different jurisdictions.

That's why we've assembled a team of expert "cat" wranglers  

— with fewer cats  

instead, utilizing skills in the area of tax codes and jurisdictional requirements!


Our team of experts are here to monitor and manage these changes — including tax account registration and termination.

We'll keep a watchful eye on your team and make sure that the headache inducing details of jurisdiction management are handled for you.




Ah, the sweet sound of perfectly balanced books.  There's nothing quite like it, is there?

But perhaps this task has been a low priority on your list due to the ultimate snooze-fest that is reconciling your payroll data with your general ledger.

That's where we come in.


Our expert accountants are the ultimate book balancers.  We'll make sure your payroll expense account is correctly reconciled with your general ledger — down to the very last penny!

With regular reconciliations of your payroll data, we'll help you streamline your tax filings and accurately navigate your financial health!

So, go binge-watch your favorite show, or tend to your garden.  We've got your books covered!



W2 Processing.png

Tax season - that magical time of year, full of joy, laughter, annd  wait that's not right.

Luckily, Humanic is here to help make the W-2 process a little less painful. 


Our accounting team will take charge of your employees' earnings and payroll tax information from the previous year, ensuring that all the numbers are accurate and compliant.

(Think of us as your own personal W-2 whisperers 😉)

We'll make sure everything is in order, so you can focus on more important things — like finding the perfect meme to send to your group chat...

(we won't tell).

ACA compliance.png


Who doesn't love a never-ending maze of regulations and requirements?  Oh — right.

The Affordable Care Act can feel overwhelming, and the deeper you go, it may feel like you'll never find the end.

Our services will be your trusty compass, guiding you to compliance year after year!  We'll keep up with all the changes and updates so you don't have to.


With Humanic, you can wave goodbye to the stress of ACA compliance, and HELLO to peace of mind!

New Hires.png


Welcoming new team members is always exciting 🎉

— the paperwork? 😬 Not so much.


We'll handle all your new hire reporting duties to designated state agencies, so you can focus on getting your new members effectively integrated and up-to-speed.

We know how important it is to correctly document your new hires, and we're happy to be a part of the process of building your dream-team!


We'll take on the mundane so you can take on the joys of happy new hires and a happy YOU!

Check Printing.png



Printing checks can be a hassle - an investment of time, effort, and yet another square to be checked off on your already

jam-packed to-do-list.

Or perhaps - you send this task our to your own personal check-printing magicians.

With a wave of our wands (or, more likely, some strategic button pressing), we'll process, print, and ensure timely delivery of your checks, so you don't have to lift a finger!

Direct Deposit.png


No more paper checks, no more trips to the bank 

— unlock the wonders of direct deposit!


With Humanic, setting up direct deposit is a breeze.  Our expert payroll services team will handle everything, from setting up electronic transfers to ensuring accuracy and punctuality of your deposits!

Our team is here to save you time and effort — no more worrying about lost or stolen checks, pay your employees more quickly and efficiently  — with direct deposits, everyone wins!

So, sit back and let those funds flow with secure and professionally managed payroll direct deposits!



Think of us as your garnishment gurus — we're here to handle even the most complicated garnishments on time and with precision.


No more headaches, no more stress, just smooth sailing.

We'll navigate the legal jargon and make sure that everything is appropriately handled.

And hey, if you ever have questions about garnishments, we're here to help.  We're happy to chat and make sure that you're comfortable with everything that's going on.

Reach out, and let's tackle those garnishments together!

Looking for a more Flexible Outsource Solution?

No problem!  Listen, we understand that every business has unique payroll needs - including which tasks you might need help with.

That's why we offer flexible à la carte payroll outsourcing services that allow you to hand-select your preferred tasks to be outsourced.

Whether you need assistance with tax filing, direct deposit, ACA management, Reconciliations, or all of the above, our team of experienced professionals can tailor your perfect-fit solution!

à la carte Outsource.png
Hiring Internationally

Parallel Payroll Obligations?

We get it — International Payroll is tricky; especially getting set up and maintaining the many obligations of paying your global trail-blazers!

Our services team has mastered the art of taming even the MOST complex payroll with ease - shadow payroll included!


From hypothetical tax liabilities, social security obligations, and other reporting requirements — Humanic will guide your payroll through the thick and thin of global payroll compliance, effortlessly illuminating the path for your adventurous employees no matter where their travels take them!

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