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Human Resources

Humanic has constructed one of the most robust HR Management Systems out there!  Built around a complex relational database, it has the streamlined automation and workflow features required in today's challenging work environments.

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Increased Productivity

Humanic's Human Resources solutions provide your HR professionals with the tools to align your team and resources with company goals and objectives!

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HR Solutions

  • Recruiting & Applicant Tracking

  • Onboarding

  • Benefit Administration, Open Enrollment & Life Events

  • Training & Competency Management

  • Performance Management & Compensation Management

  • Employee Self Service

  • Manager Self Service

  • HCM Reporting & Analytics

Low-Cost Ownership

No need to add individual modules - a single price delivers the Entire System



Applicant Tracking

Streamline your hiring process!  Quickly acquire the best talent through our advanced recruitment and hiring tools.

  • Integrates with the “Careers” page on your website.

  • Gives applicants an intuitive and pleasant experience to search and apply for open positions.

  • Allows electronic applications to be submitted with resumes, cover letters, and other relevant documents to increase efficiency, facilitate automation, and eliminate the use of paper.

  • Once applicants set up an initial account, security features let them access Applicant Self-Service (APSS) and monitor the status of their application. They can also log in to apply for new open positions posted by the company or update their information.

  • APSS is fully integrated with both core HRMS and Manager Self-Service (MSS) modules. Our MSS module gives managers direct access to human resource information. They can filter and view qualified applicants and select applicants for interviews.

  • Job postings are managed in the position control module of the HRMS system, allowing HR administrators to recruit from within the organization using both APSS and our Employee Self-Service (ESS) module.

  • Dedicated recruiters can use the system to screen applicants prior to presenting them to the hiring manager.

  • If an applicant is selected for employment, his or her data is transferred electronically to the employee record, increasing efficiency and eliminating redundant data entry.

  • Enables configurable pre-screening and interview questions

  • Schedules interviews.

  • Provides simple conversion of applicant to new hire.

  • Integrates with email messaging to keep candidates informed about their status.

Efficient Onboarding Solutions

Welcome your new hires to the team and improve their time to performance at record speed!

  • Includes electronic forms, task and compliance management by job category.

  • Provides definition of onboarding/new hire activities and scheduled task lists.

  • Offers personalized, robust experience.

  • Reduces onboarding administration and costs.

  • Simplifies management for all key stakeholders.

  • Extends onboarding past “Day 1”.

Benefit Administration

Support your HR team and Employees by providing flexibility, automation and reduction of errors & paperwork with our Benefit Administration system! 

  • Calculates employee and employer premiums and accurately takes deductions from paychecks.

  • Facilitates the open enrollment process.

  • Guides employees through the process of making life event changes (e.g., getting married, having a baby, or moving).

  • Saves time and reduces errors by restricting eligibility based on predetermined criteria.

  • Automates file transfers to benefit providers.

  • Maintains history of employee elections and supports point-in-time reporting.

  • Assists in balancing billing statements from benefit and insurance carriers.

& Competency Management

Our Training Management module tracks all courses, class set-up, enrollment and credit completion, providing full audit trails of all mandatory, career enhancement & seminar-related training.

  • Manages any kind of one-time or recurring certification or licensing requirements.

  • Automates administration and oversight of compliance.

  • Maintains catalog of course offerings.

  • Maintains history of training completed for reporting.

  • Manages employee clearance renewals.

  • Manages any license or certification renewals.

  • Tracks employee skills and education.

  • Supports development planning for all levels of leadership.


& Compensation

Advanced salary planning, incentive & stock-planning tools allow employees, managers and HR to align seamlessly with your company goals and business strategy.

  • Builds a culture of high performers as you align performance goals and rewards across an entire organization.

  • Creates flexible performance reviews.

  • Integrates compensation seamlessly with any major salary survey information system to acquire the standards for a particular position or job family.

  • Creates and maintains career and professional development plans.

  • Provides planning worksheets to help guide managers through a successful compensation planning process, including adherence to budgets and other salary plan guidelines for distributing merit-based compensation.

  • Reduces the cost and complexity of compensation administration by optimizing rollups, exception handling, and approvals.

More Great Features

  • Integration available for E-Verify

  • Employee Demographics

  • Emergency Contacts

  • Background/Education/Skills

  • Position Control

  • Company Property Control

  • Bonus pay

  • Stock option granting and control

  • Disciplinary Action

  • Grievance


  • OSHA

  • Stock Purchases

  • FMLA

Financial Report

True HR Business Intelligence Reporting

The integrated report tool allows for comprehensive exploration and analysis of data and access to a large suite of standard reports!

Employee & Manager Self-Serve

Give time back to your HR Department!

Our HR System offers real-time integrated employee and manager self-service components

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