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Looking for a Full US-Based Payroll Solution that will take your US business Global?

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Payroll Solutions tailored for Global Expansion

Our Multi-Currency based Payroll Software and the expertise of our Payroll Services professionals guarantees your international payroll will remain timely, accurate and compliant each and every payroll cycle!

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Experiencing a Global Payroll S.O.S.?
(See Our Services)

Running into legal barriers and challenges in keeping your payroll timely, accurate, and compliant?
No Sweat!  We've got you covered.

Payroll Software that works in Tandem with your beloved HR System

A tale as old as time!  HR Tech can hold a special place in your heart - plus, transferring all the records over can be a headache.

That's where we come in!  Our developers have worked tirelessly to provide integration to our users and will work with your provider to set up seamless integration between systems.

Simplify your process with Exclusive Global Payroll Automation Features 

Our Full US payroll software is built to scale alongside your company with specialized International payroll automation and features built into the system!

Expat compliance is simplified within Humanic with features like:

- Shadow Payroll calculations


- Automated Foreign Tax Credit Calculations

- Automated Tax Equalization

Access Global confidence!  Humanic empowers you to oversee your company worldwide all in one place!  With access to multicurrency functionality, Global ESS and worry-free payroll management with our simplified functions and features.

Increased Productivity =
Happy HR Teams

Humanic's Human Resources solutions provide your HR professionals with the tools to align your team and resources with company goals and objectives!

  • Recruiting & Applicant Tracking

  • Onboarding

  • Benefit Administration, Open Enrollment & Life Events

  • Training & Competency Management

  • Performance Management & Compensation Management

  • Employee Self Service

  • Manager Self Service

  • HCM Reporting & Analytics


See What Humanic can do for YOU!

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