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This Week in Payroll: April 1, 2022

Today's post covers:

  • Saudi Arabian Payroll News surrounding Saudization of the workforce.

  • Irish Payroll News covering new requirements for employees to have guaranteed paid sick leave.

  • Australian Payroll News - a full year added to a tight timeline for Australian Expats to get their tax situations in order.

Saudi Arabia Payroll

Nationalization of Jobs due for 30 professions in 2022

Expatriates in Saudi Arabia are under pressure with new regulations due to roll out this month. These policies contain certain restrictions of foreign nationals, to hire on more Saudi workers. There are targeted sectors listed that have a quota listed for Saudization of the industry – any employers outside of compliance risk losing the ability to access future visas and work permits, as well as being issued fines.

Ireland Payroll

Workers Entitled to Statutory Sick Pay – up to 10 in 2026

Currently, only half of the workforce have access to sick leave through their employment contracts – but a new law is looking to provide paid sick leave to all workers.

Once the bill has been enacted, employers will be required to provide three paid sick days per year.

  • In 2024, the number of required sick days will rise to five days per year.

  • In 2025, the number will rise again to seven paid sick days per year.

  • By 2026, that number will cap off at a required TEN days per year in sick leave.

This bill touts a design that is simple to use, fair across the board, while providing affordability to the employers.

Australia Payroll

Tax Residency Rules give Another Year to Expats

In the coming weeks, there is due to be a Federal Election to further determine a timeline for Expats to get their tax affairs in order. This motion comes into play after criticism over proposed legislation involving an unrealistic timeline for expats to determine extension of time overseas or returning to Australia to maintain compliance and residency status with Australia.


Saudi Arabia Payroll

Ireland Payroll

Australia Payroll

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