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Just as a tailor spends time learning the unique build of each client walking into their shop, Humanic handles International Payroll in the same way.

We think it's ridiculous to expect Global businesses to fit a cookie-cutter solution.

We're not big fans of "one-size-fits-all" and we find a thrill in solving and simplifying complexities for our clients!


Our need to solve complex problems powers our robust payroll software and incredible International payroll services.


Our Multi-Currency based Payroll Software and the expertise of our Payroll Services professionals guarantees your international payroll adds up to your complete satisfaction!

Payroll Solutions tailored for Global Expansion

Our Global Consultants have your number!

Want personalized assistance in setting up legal entities world-wide or solving pre-existing problems in foreign countries?


Reach out to our team of consultants to find real solutions, fast!

Your International Payroll Solution should make you feel like a million bucks

"If the suit doesn't fit, nothing else matters."

- this proverb rings true to your Global Payroll solution too!

Payroll Services

  • Multi-currency & Int'l Payments

  • Check Register & Ad-hoc payroll Reporting

  • Int'l Tax Calculations & Benefit Offering

  • Global employee Self Service

Expatriate Payroll

  • Shadow Payroll & Gross Up

  • Section 911 Withholding

  • Automated Foreign Tax Credit

  • Third Country National Payroll

  • Automated Tax Levilization

  • Liason between Payroll & Tax

Multistate Payroll with Dual-State Employees?


No sweat!

Our team of payroll professionals has created a streamlined experience, providing you with flexibility and control over payroll management processes with real-time access to accurate and up-to-date information

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