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Payroll Solutions for Global Business

We're committed to the big picture!  Our state-of-the-art international payroll services and software effectively manage the risks and complexities, ensuring that your global business experience is uninterrupted, secure and accurate.


Your  Global and Expatriate Solution

Let us handle the problem-solving in your International payroll administration, partner sourcing and compliance.

Humanic's International Payroll department handles full international payroll outsource, where our staff manages all aspects of your payroll, emphasizing control, compliance, security and remarkable customer service!

Payroll Control

  • Secure timeliness of your data

  • Fully Multicurrency enabled

  • Access to detailed insight on each payroll you are running globally


End-to-End Integration

  • Connects your existing HR platform to Humanic's Global Payroll, providing you a single location to centralize your information


Global Oversight

  • Deep insights on payroll output GLOBALLY

  • Easily access reporting tools with your payroll data


Global and Expatriate

Payroll Expertise

We've put together an easy-to-read guide to our International Payroll services for you to keep for easy reference or to share with your team.  Simply click the button below to view.

Expat Services overview

Global Payroll

  • Multicurrency:  We're fluent in handling multicurrency.  Employees can have multiple currencies on the same check.

  • Reporting:  Check Register and Ad-hoc payroll reporting in multiple currencies.

  • International Tax Calculations:  Process payroll utilizing accurate, up-to-date local tax laws.

  • International Benefit Offering:  We will do the work with local benefit providers for local benefit plans.

  • International Payments:  Produce unlimited currencies to employee bank accounts worldwide.

  • Foreign Currency Management:  Our experts effectively handle the complexities of payment to all employees and local tax authorities.

  • Local Tax Compliance:  Ensures execution of timely and accurate tax payments.

  • Global Employee Self Service (ESS):  Full integration within a single database enabling end-user views of paychecks directly from ESS.

  • Entity Setup:  Ready to move into new territory? Whether in country or internationally, we'll help you expand into your next opportunity.

Expatriate Payroll

  • Shadow Payroll:  Simplified expatriate compensation breakdowns.

  • Gross-up Calculations:  Automation of gross-up calculations for hypothetical taxes​.

  • Section 911 Withholding Calculations:  We're well versed in effective calculation of Federal and State withholding  based on Section 911 stacking rules.

  • Automated Foreign Tax Credit Calculation:  Reduction of Foreign Tax paid from US tax withholding calculations.

  • Third Country National Payroll Processing:  Payment and tax processing for each required country for third country nationals.

  • Automated Tax Equalization:  Annual Calculations and year end true ups.

  • Liaison Between Payroll and Tax Firms:  Intermediary to facilitate specific employee Expat processing rules​.


No need to separate your Domestic Payroll needs - handle International and US Payroll through a single solution.

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