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The Comprehensive International Payroll Solution for your Global Workforce

Through our remarkable team of global payroll services experts and our revolutionary international payroll software, we provide an accurate, compliant, and integrated global payroll solution.
We’re here to help!

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Find your Global Payroll Solution

Global Payroll

Have employees working outside of the US?  We centralize management of your entire global payroll within a single integrated database.

Full US & Global Payroll 

Humanic has a full International Outsource solution that will manage all aspects of your International and Domestic Payroll.

US & International Payroll Tax Services

We'll navigate your federal, state and international

compliancy to ensure accurate and timely filing of withholding, unemployment and other payroll tax obligations!

Consulting Services

Struggling with a complex accounting issue?


Ready to expand your business into new territories?

No matter the complexity, our top-class accountants are here to help!

Human Resources

Humanic HR is one of the most robust management system applications on the market today!

Features to Grow your Global Business

Full global payroll services paired up with our cloud-based, Enterprise-level payroll software, and human resources.

Humanic provides you worldwide access to all of your employees and payrolls – all in one place!

Humanic Partners


The Humanic Approach

Your Global Payroll Solution since 1997

Designed by payroll professionals, Humanic Payroll provides flexibility and control over the complexities of payroll management processes, streamlining them while providing real-time access to accurate and up-to-date information.

We are dedicated to the mission of creating adaptive payroll solutions and strategies for businesses so they can focus on conquering their global opportunities.

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Humanic offers a seamless solution to even your most complex payroll & HR needs.  Feel free to contact us with any additional inquiries or to set up your Custom LIVE Demo!

Do you have formula-based payroll calculation rules?

Of course!   Our approach to payroll centralizes around client-specific, user-defined formulas.  Your custom rules can be setup to automate your most complex pay, deduction or employer cost scenarios.

Does Humanic offer Employee and Manager Self-Service?

YES!  Our Self-service solutions were built with efficiency in mind.  They save you time and money by eliminating or reducing paperwork and manual processes associated with routine employee information updates.  Reduction of this administrative workload allows you to focus on more strategic and critical matters.

How does Humanic prioritize Compliance and Withholding accuracy?

We believe that the core of what we do is providing our clients with peace of mind.  We are committed to keeping ourselves as current and informed as possible and we have real people behind every step of our processes - not just machines and algorithms.  We ensure accuracy in our withholding calculations and cross-reference them with the on-the-minute requirements to ensure that nothing is missed and that everything is as accurate as possible to ensure your global compliance needs.

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Can't find your answer in our FAQ?  We'd love to learn more.   Please reach out and we'll personally address any additional questions you may have!

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