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Ensuring Accuracy: Updating Your Mailing Address for Payroll Tax Accounts

Lately, a number of state payroll tax departments are updating their filing and payment technologies, implementing NEW online portal systems.

With each such update presenting its own challenges, Humanic Global Solutions is keeping on top of these changes and how it can register new Third Party Administrator portal accounts and maintain access to existing client tax accounts.

With these transitions, it is extremely important for each employer to make sure its mailing address is up to date with the payroll tax jurisdictions where it has tax accounts.

For example, the Maryland Comptroller is implementing a new MD Tax Connect system for employers’ withholding tax accounts. During the month of February, it will mail Notices to employers with a PIN and instructions on how to register a new portal account and authorize third-party access.

Failure to receive and act upon this Notice can impact an employer’s ability to timely file returns and pay its withholding tax, leading to potential penalties and interest.

State tax jurisdictions always require important business information to be kept up to date, including mailing address, changes to ownership or business structure, phone number, and notification of when closing or reopening your business.

Want a simpler solution? Humanic can help you with these updates!

When one of these changes occurs (such as a change in your mailing address), please contact your customer service representative to ask how Humanic can help.

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