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JAMIS Summit 2023 Recap: by Humanic Global Solutions

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

It's been a few months since we enjoyed the energy of the JAMIS Summit in lovely Coronado Island, CA – but that's not to say we don't occasionally find ourselves California (day) dreamin'!

JAMIS always puts on a show with their unforgettable Summit experiences, and BOY did they deliver! As for our Humanic Team – We came, we "danced", and we SPONSORED!

From our friendly booth staff to our marvelous leadership hosting various breakout sessions throughout the event, we made the most of our time, and were able to share some dance moves at the JAMIS bash, and enjoy our time meeting one-on-one with our clients to ensure their payroll experience continues to run smoothly.

Let's relive some of these magical moments:

Embarking on an ERP Adventure!

The JAMIS Summit 2023 played out like a grand escape to a little slice of paradise –

1 part work, 2 parts play!

Our journey began with the JAMIS Welcome Reception, where clients and sponsors alike were given a big welcome from leadership. Before heading out to enjoy refreshments, made up of local cuisine favorites, attendees were given a sneak-peek of what exciting and enriching experiences were in store over the course of the event.

Hang 10 & Networking to the nines!

A woman with a sponsor badge takes a selfie with a cute French Bulldog named "Tito"
Summit means getting to spend time with Tito!

While riding the wave of knowledge and learning more about JAMIS and their GovCon Solutions, it’s always surprising how many amazing people you’ll come to know! We met with some of the super-stars we work with every day, as well as came to know some incredible individuals, working to better support their shared company vision through the Power of JAMIS Prime!

We are so grateful for the meaningful connections we’ve forged at Summit’s past, and we look forward to those to come!

Workshops – by the Bay!

Expert speakers led attendees through thought-provoking seminars, breakout sessions, open-forum events, as well as optional one-on-one meetings to provide valuable insight and mentoring to clients looking for answers and clarification.

JAMIS meticulously tailors these events to best support their clients in ALL areas!

It is a top priority that attendees return to their teams with confidence in their ERP system, reinforced trust in their JAMIS partners, and for many attendees – a nice, even tan! 😉

… Can we mention the food?

Full disclosure, I haven’t received official *approval* on the topic of food, but there isn’t anything to top the experience of waking up and walking out to the coastline to enjoy a warm drink, fresh fruit, and local cuisine!

Additionally, in witnessing the cunning of a couple of swift and silent seagulls, we all learned a thing or two about the importance of attending to your food while in the habitat of everyone’s “favorite” waterfowl.

However, regardless of their efforts, even a fly-away bagel failed to bring down the relaxing island-vibe!

Throughout the event, attendees were served a variety of fresh, local cuisine – with an inclusive menu to suit anyone’s palette!

A Night to Remember!

Tuesday night, The JAMIS Team invited all in attendance out to Dinner and Entertainment on San Diego Bay.

While deeply immersed in the spirit of community, innovation, and shared connections, JAMIS put the spotlight on their clients with an awards ceremony complete with some laughter, some tears, hugging, and cheers!!

Oh! Did we mention that we got to meet MAVRICK?! 😎

As if that wasn’t enough, the live band was able to shake up the crowd and we couldn’t help but find our feet out on the dance floor!

An Unforgettable Summit Getaway

Though the getaway may be over, the memories linger on like a photobooth photo hanging on my whiteboard. 😉

Whether you've been a JAMIS client for YEARS, or are just starting out, the JAMIS Summit is a valuable, enriching experience that will inform and delight your team.

Attendees return from these events with a deeper understanding of how to fully utilize your JAMIS Prime system, while also connecting to the team members behind the ERP your company utilizes every day!

We hope you come visit our booth next Summit, and share in this powerful experience!

Thank you JAMIS Software, for navigating our climb to new heights in the world of Government Contracting, with another unforgettable Summit Escape!

Want to learn more about accessing GovCon Payroll solutions through Humanic?

Reach out today!


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