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This Week in Payroll: July 22, 2022

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

United Kingdom Payroll

UK begins discussing need for Labor Laws surrounding extreme heat

The UK has been in the news lately with their 40.3°C record breaking temperatures– roughly 104.5°F, which has brought on the conversation of safety among the working class – especially those in jobs requiring physical labor and exposure to the elements.

Currently in the UK there are no labor laws surrounding dangerous working conditions pertaining to heat extremes within the office – while there is a minimum in place of 16°C (60.8°F) for in office work, 13°C if the job requires “rigorous physical work”). UK officials urge companies to make sure they are providing their workers with safe working conditions during these weather extremes, however, there are no rules in place to ensure these conditions are being met.

The GMB union has called for a maximum working temperature to be put into law, encouraging the use of flexible dress-codes or the use of remote work to accommodate for these heatwaves.


Oman Payroll

Omanisation of 207 job categories begins with expat ban

Oman has selected over 200 professions in the Sultanate to be filled by citizens exclusively to begin localizing jobs. The list of professions includes Human resources director, hiring manager, Personnel director, coordinator roles, bus drivers, store supervisor, customs clerk and more.

Protests by the unemployed brought attention to the concerns for work available to citizens of Oman, leading to this push. In May 2021, The Omani Minister of Labor stated that Oman aimed to bring 32,000 opportunities for work to the public and private sectors during 2022.


South Africa Payroll

Agri Sector called out for Labor Law Compliance

“Paying the National Minimum Wage is the Right Thing to Do,”

This was the theme of a department hosted seminar directed toward employers, employees, trade unions and employer organizations. After a wide-spread audit of the agricultural sector, there was swift realization there needed to be an attempt at advocating the compliant treatment of employed people within the sector.

Discussed were the importance of timely and correct registration of workers, payment of NMW (National Minimum Wage), prompt reporting of Unemployment, referral of disputes to the CCMA (Commission for Conciliation, Mediation, and Arbitration), among other compliance concerns.


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