Cuts Costs, Automates Forms, Frees You Up to Do Your Job.

HUMANIC’s comprehensive onboarding system cuts costs by simplifying the new hire process and expediting your new employees’ day one readiness. By providing your employees with an efficient onboarding process, you’ll make a good first impression—and that’s the key to retaining your most valuable resource: your employees.

HUMANIC solutions automate onboarding forms and electronic acknowledgements, and provide checklists to key people to manage associated tasks and activities. HUMANIC Onboarding eliminates paperwork, manual approvals and manual filing. The onboarding information is retained in the HRMS throughout the lifecycle of the employee.

Features include:

  • Forms automation—70-80% time reduction compared to manual processes.
  • Unlimited user and acknowledgement forms.
  • Unlimited PDF forms.
  • Define workflows by process and category of employee.
  • State & federal forms can include W4, I9, and others.
  • Electronic signature and acknowledgement.
  • Integration with definable internal tasks and activities.
  • Provide unlimited orientation documentation and information for company, team and job.

More Than Just Onboarding

Our workflow processing agent communicates with HR, applicants, candidates, employees and managers. The flexible technology can be used for a number of non-onboarding actions, such as employment offers and other pre-boarding activity, job transfers and terminations (off boarding).

The flexible workflow processing agent can be configured easily for specific company requirements and employment positions. Workflows and associated processes can be defined for different categories of employees, making the onboarding process complete and appropriate for the specific role the person or applicant is filling. Automated email responses can also be configured to meet specific company requirements.

Complete Management Oversight

An employee, HR professional or manager can use the HUMANIC Workflow Processing Agent to easily check the status of onboarding or any other internal process. Any compliance processes can be automated, minimizing the risk of non-compliance and associated non-value added costs.

Let us Free You

HUMANIC takes care of the details, freeing human resources professionals to take care of their organization’s people needs.