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Happy Payroll
Happy Expats

When an employee is put on assignment overseas, they are exposed to a host of critical and complex payroll considerations.

Strategizing your payroll solution is one of the most effective ways to ensure successful completion of your global objectives!

Support your expats, improve your processes

Ready for Global Expansion?

Then it's time to experience the power and versatility behind Humanic's Payroll Software.

Expat Specialized Solutions

Expat Payroll Services run by Top Talent

Employers of expats must have a thorough understanding of local tax and social security obligations to ensure that both company and employee tax status and reporting obligations are fulfilled.

Our team of specialized Expat Payroll Service providers have already put in the work, so you don't have to!

Payroll Software featuring Automation designed with expats in mind

Our payroll software has specialized expat automation built directly into the system.

Our Expat Management isn't a flimsy add-on, it's a fully supported product unlike anything else on the market!

  • Section 911 Calculations

  • Automated Tax Protection Calculations

  • Foreign Earned Income Credit Withholding Adjustments

Don't just settle -

Access Unparalleled Expatriate Management

Accessing Expat-specific payroll software will change the game in your expat management.


Outsourcing complicated expat payroll to professionals is an incredible time-saver.

Combining the two together is an unbeatable competitive edge.

Don't settle for less - access your full-scale solution and let us take care of your expats worldwide!

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